Create with paving stones!

Paving gives spaciousness and a cozy expression around the house and garden and is suitable both on the patio, in the garden paths and on the garage driveway.

With paving, you can create exciting patterns for garden corridors and flower beds as well as entrance corridors and garage driveways. The variations can actually be endless as the stones are available in so many different colors, shapes and patterns. It is fun and easy to lay stone because you can design the paving completely according to your own style. Laying stone pavers does not have to be a difficult project. If you just get an even surface and joint carefully, you will also get a nice and durable end result.


  1. Measure out and mark the surface with sticks.
  2. Tighten a string between the pegs and along the final height of the coating.
  3. Dig out the marked surface. Make sure you have a fall out of the house so that rainwater can drain away.
  4. Lay on a ground cloth.
  5. Fill a base layer of crushed stone.
  6. Run with a plate vibrator
  7. Lay out a layer of stone flour and pack lightly with the vibrator.
  8. Place the deduction paths and pull off excess stone flour.


  1. Lay out the stones at a distance of 3 mm. Cut those needed.
  2. Pour grout over the stones and sweep until the joints are filled. Water the sand. Repeat.
  3. Pour on more sand and sweep. Repeat until the joints are filled.