How to find student accommodation at UQ
The housing situation for many UQ students in Brisbane is tough. It can be difficult to find accommodation at all and once you do, the price is sky high in the worst case. Here are the best tips to facilitate the housing hunt as a student. If you are studying with UQ residential colleges like Cromwell college they can offer on-campus student accommodation else, you need to struggle to find one.

Stand in the housing queue

As soon as you know which city you want to study in, you can stand in the housing queue. If you are lucky, the queue time in the city you plan to study is short. As soon as you have received an admission letter from your school, you can also stand in the housing queue for student housing.

Search the internet

There are many sites online that can help you find housing in your particular student city, e.g. The block. Be sure to search intensely and be quick when something appropriate pops up.
Alternatively, you can directly visit this Student accommodation website to reserve your spot. Hurry up!

Take advantage of your contacts

Tell your friends and acquaintances that you are looking for housing, if they also spread the word further, it can be very helpful. Also use your social network, write a post on Facebook and ask friends to share the information.

Contact the student union

They have probably been in the same situation as you and are aware of the situation in the city. Take advantage of their experience and ask for help from them.

Share apartment

Are there more of you looking for accommodation? Why not stay together and look for a larger apartment or find room share online.