Home office tips

The home as a workplace

Working from home is something that is becoming more common and both employers and employees are becoming more and more positive about teleworking. With the home as a workplace, new and better opportunities open up as well as greater freedom to combine work with family life. Therefore, it is important to try to create a creative and pleasant environment.

If you are about to build a house consult the experts to make space for your home office.

Important preparation - Think about what you need to do to be able to work from home. For example, do you have the right technology? It can be anything from the right VPN solution to the right access to IT systems.

Plan your work day - Of course, working from home can also be more distracting than the environment in the office. There is a high risk that you will be distracted by family members, your pets and the ringing telephone. Therefore, make sure to plan your day and in this way you can also easily distinguish between leisure and work.

Choose a place to work - gather everything that has to do with the job in one place. This way you work when you are there and can leave to take a break from work.

Create routines - In order for work from the home office to be sustainable, you need to be upset. Otherwise, there is a great risk that you will end up at the dishwasher in time and out of time to pick out the dishes or stand at the washing machine and sort clothes. Create routines and follow them.

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The right office furniture for your home office

It should be easy and convenient to work from home. In most cases, the home is not the best working environment. Therefore, it is good to make sure that you get good office furniture based on needs and do not forget to take small breaks to move you from time to time.

Deduction for home office

If you run a business from home, you can receive a deduction for offices / office space in your own home.

In order for deductions to be allowed, the following requirements must be met:

  • The employer may not provide a workplace.
  • There must be a clear need for a workroom in the home.
  • The work space must only have been used for the work
  • The dwelling must be larger than what would have been required if the taxpayer had not had to have a workspace.
  • The workroom may not be included in the living space with regard to location or equipment.

In order for a workroom not to be considered part of the living space, it must either:

  • be so separated from the dwelling itself that it is not included in the other living spaces, or
  • be decorated in such a way that it can not be used for residential purposes.

For workrooms in a special room, a deduction is allowed with the actual cost.

For workrooms in your own home, a deduction is allowed with the actual additional cost. It can e.g. be additional expenses for electricity, heating and cleaning. For work rooms in a rental apartment, a certain part of the rent is also deductible.